Our Computer

double disc grinding SPC

While our employees are what actually drives our quality results, we cannot ignore the importance of our computer system. Our Quality Assurance Department maintains a computer system that stores data on each and every part we have ground. The part records are updated each time the piece is ground and the computer provides instant recall of the most efficient procedure used to grind the part. This maximized efficiency ensures that specification requirements are met and that high quality is maintained at all times. In addition, our Quality Assurance Department maintains an inspection department which consists of a temperature controlled room, where every dimension of a part can be inspected at controlled temperatures and controlled variables. This ensures accurate results from each and every test that is performed.

We are ISO/TS-16949:2009 certified. Our employees and managers understand the importance of the ISO/TS-16949:2009 requirements and standards, and implement them in every aspect of the grinding process. We provide Statistical Process Control (SPC), when it is required by the customer.