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We at Better Way Grinding, Inc. are experts in Double Disc Grinding. We have been in Business since 1963. We invite you to watch our Company Video and get an insight about our Business.

We have High Volume Double Disc Grinding Equipment

double disc grinding equipmentWe at Better Way Grinding, Inc. have a wide range of High Volume Equipment to run Small or Large Quantities.

We have a 13,500 Sq. Ft. Double Disc Grinding Facility

Double Disc Grinding FacilityOur 13,500 square foot facility speaks for itself in terms of efficiency and cleanliness.  Our shipping, receiving, and production departments are designed for maximum productivity.

We at BWG have an In-House Machine Shop Available

Double Disc Grinding Machine MaintenanceWe maintain our own machine shop where necessary custom tooling is manufactured and used in production for double disc grinding.

We at BWG have an In-House Sawing Department

Double Disc Grinding, Sawing DepartmentWe compliment our double disc grinding by offering our customer a sawing operation to complete their process planning.

At Better Way Grinding, we specialize in double disc grinding. We have been in business under the same ownership since 1963 and have evolved from a small one-man shop to an organization that employs a team of skilled operators working on a wide range of equipment. Our high quality control standards have made our company what it is today and is what elevates us above our competition. We invite you to browse our web site to learn more about what Better Way Grinding can do for your company.